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Laboratory tests
 chemistry, P2028-P2038
 microbiology, P7001
 miscellaneous, P9010-P9615, Q0111-Q0115
 toxicology, P3000-P3001, Q0091
Lacrimal duct implant
 permanent, A4263
 temporary, A4262
Lactated Ringerís infusion, J7120
Laetrile, J3570
Lancet, A4258, A4259
Laronidase, J1931
Larynx, artificial, L8500
Laser blood collection device and accessory, E0620, A4257
Lead investigation, T1029
Lead wires, per pair, A4557
 bag, A4358, A5105, A5112
 extensions for walker, E0158
 rest, elevating, K0195
 rest, wheelchair, E0990
 strap, replacement, A5113-A5114
Legg Perthes orthosis, L1700-L1755
 aniseikonic, V2118, V2318
 contact, V2500-V2599
 eye, V2100-V2615, V2700-V2799
 intraocular, V2630-V2632
 low vision, V2600-V2615
 progressive, V2781
Lepirudin, J1945
Leucovorin calcium, J0640
Leukocyte poor blood, each unit, P9016
Leuprolide acetate, J9217, J9218, J9219, J1950
Levalbuterol, all formulations, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7602, J7607
Levalbuterol, all formulations, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7603, J7615
Levocarnitine, J1955
Levofloxacin, J1956
Levonorgestrel, (contraceptive), implants and supplies, J7306
Levorphanol tartrate, J1960
Lidocaine HCl, J2001
 patient (includes seat lift), E0621-E0635
 shoe, L3300-L3334
Lincomycin HCl, J2010
Linezolid, J2020
Liquid barrier, ostomy, A4363
Lodging, recipient, escort nonemergency transport, A0180, A0200
Lorazepam, J2060
Low osmolar contrast material, Q9965-Q9967
LSO, L0621-L0640
Lubricant, A4402, A4332
Lumbar flexion, L0540
Lumbar-sacral orthosis (LSO), L0621-L0640
Lymphocyte immune globulin, J7504, J7511
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