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00.50 Implantation of cardiac resynchronization pacemaker without mention of defibrillation, total system [CRT-P]
Biventricular pacemaker
Biventricular pacing without internal cardiac defibrillator
BiV pacemaker
Implantation of cardiac resynchronization (biventricular) pulse generator pacing device, formation of
pocket, transvenous leads including placement of lead into left ventricular coronary venous system, and
intraoperative procedures for evaluation of lead signals.
That with CRT-P generator and one or more leads
Note: Device testing during procedure - omit code
implantation of cardiac resynchronization defibrillator, total system [CRT-D] (00.51)
insertion or replacement of any type pacemaker device (37.80-37.87)
replacement of cardiac resynchronization defibrillator pulse generator only [CRT-D](00.54)
replacement of cardiac resynchronization pacemaker pulse generator only [CRT-P](00.53)
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