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81.5 Joint replacement of lower extremity
Includes: arthroplasty of lower extremity with:
external traction or fixation
graft of bone (chips) or cartilage
internal fixation device or prosthesis
81.51 Total hip replacement
Replacement of both femoral head and acetabulum by prosthesis
Total reconstruction of hip
Code also any type of bearing surface, if known (00.74-0 0.77)
81.52 Partial hip replacement
Bipolar endoprosthesis
Code also any type of bearing surface, if known (00.74 - 00.77)
81.53 Revision of hip replacement, not otherwise specified
Revision of hip replacement, not specified as to components(s) replaced, (acetabular, femoral or both)
Code also any:
removal of (cement)(joint) spacer (84.57)
type of bearing surface, if known (00.74-00.77)
revision of hip replacement, components specified (00.70-00.73)
81.54 Total knee replacement
Unicompartmental (hemijoint)
81.55 Revision of knee replacement,not otherwise specified
Code also any removal of (cement) spacer (84.57)
arthrodesis of knee (81.22)
revision of knee replacement, components specified (00.80-00.84)
81.56 Total ankle replacement
81.57 Replacement of joint of foot and toe
81.59 Revision of joint replacement of lower extremity, not elsewhere classified
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