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35.3 Operations on structures adjacent to heart valves
Code also cardiopulmonary bypass [extracorporeal circulation] [heart-lung machine] (39.61)
35.31 Operations on papillary muscle
Division of papillary muscle
Reattachment of papillary muscle
Repair of papillary muscle
35.32 Operations on chordae tendineae
Division of chordae tendineae
Repair of chordae tendineae
35.33 Annuloplasty
Plication of annulus
35.34 Infundibulectomy
Right ventricular infundibulectomy
35.35 Operations on trabeculae carneae cordis
Division of trabeculae carneae cordis
Excision of trabeculae carneae cordis
Excision of aortic subvalvular ring
35.39 Operations on other structures adjacent to valves of heart
Repair of sinus of Valsalva (aneurysm)
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