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35.1 Open heart valvuloplasty without replacement
Includes: open heart valvotomy
that associated with repair of:
endocardial cushion defect (35.54, 35.63, 35.73)
valvular defect associated with atrial and ventricular septal defects (35.54, 35.63, 35.73)
percutaneous (balloon) valvuloplasty (35.96)
Code also cardiopulmonary bypass if performed [extracorporeal circulation] [heart-lung machine] (39.61)
35.10 Open heart valvuloplasty without replacement, unspecified valve
35.11 Open heart valvuloplasty of aortic valve without replacement
35.12 Open heart valvuloplasty of mitral valve without replacement
35.13 Open heart valvuloplasty of pulmonary valve without replacement
35.14 Open heart valvuloplasty of tricuspid valve without replacement
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