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92.0 Radioisotope scan and function study
92.01 Thyroid scan and radioisotope function studies
Iodine-131 uptake
Protein-bound iodine
Radio-iodine uptake
92.02 Liver scan and radioisotope function study
92.03 Renal scan and radioisotope function study
Renal clearance study
92.04 Gastrointestinal scan and radioisotope function study
Radio-cobalt B12 Schilling test
Radio-iodinated triolein study
92.05 Cardiovascular and hematopoietic scan and radioisotope function study
Bone marrow scan or function study
Cardiac output scan or function study
Circulation time scan or function study
Radionuclide cardiac ventriculogram scan or function study
Spleen scan or function study
92.09 Other radioisotope function studies
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