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88.6 Phlebography
Includes: angiography of veins
radiography of veins (by fluoroscopy)
retrograde phlebography
venipuncture for injection of contrast material
venography using contrast material
Note: The fourth-digit subclassification (88.60-88.67) identifies the site to be viewed, not the site of injection.
angiography using:
radioisotopes or radionuclides (92.01-92.19)
ultrasound (88.71-88.79)
fluorescein angiography of eye (95.12)
88.60 Phlebography using contrast material, unspecified site
88.61 Phlebography of veins of head and neck using contrast material
88.62 Phlebography of pulmonary veins using contrast material
88.63 Phlebography of other intrathoracic veins using contrast material
88.64 Phlebography of the portal venous system using contrast material
Splenoportogram (by splenic arteriography)
88.65 Phlebography of other intra-abdominal veins using contrast material
88.66 Phlebography of femoral and other lower extremity veins using contrast material
88.67 Phlebography of other specified sites using contrast material
88.68 Impedance phlebography
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