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88.4 Arteriography using contrast material
Includes: angiography of arteries
arterial puncture for injection of contrast material
radiography of arteries (by fluoroscopy)
retrograde arteriography
The fourth-digit subclassification identifies the site to be viewed, not the site of injection.
arteriography using:
radioisotopes or radionuclides (92.01-92.19)
ultrasound (88.71-88.79)
fluorescein angiography of eye (95.12)
88.40 Arteriography using contrast material, unspecified site
88.41 Arteriography of cerebral arteries
Angiography of:
basilar artery
carotid (internal)
posterior cerebral circulation
vertebral artery
88.42 Aortography
Arteriography of aorta and aortic arch
88.43 Arteriography of pulmonary arteries
88.44 Arteriography of other intrathoracic vessels
angiocardiography (88.50-88.58)
arteriography of coronary arteries (88.55-88.57)
88.45 Arteriography of renal arteries
88.46 Arteriography of placenta
Placentogram using contrast material
88.47 Arteriography of other intra-abdominal arteries
88.48 Arteriography of femoral and other lower extremity arteries
88.49 Arteriography of other specified sites
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