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84.5 Implantation of other musculoskeletal devices and substances
insertion of (non-fusion) spinal disc replacement device (84.60 - 84.69)
84.51 Insertion of interbody spinal fusion device
Insertion of:cages (carbon, ceramic, metal, plastic or titanium)
interbody fusion cage
synthetic cages or spacers
threaded bone dowels
Code also refusion of spine (81.30 - 81.39)
Code also spinal fusion (81.00 - 81.08)
84.52 Insertion of recombinant bone morphogenetic protein
That via collagen sponge, coral, ceramic and other carriers
Code also primary procedure performed:
fracture repair (79.00-79.99)
spinal fusion (81.00 - 81.08)
spinal refusion (81.30 - 81.39)
84.53 Implantation of internal limb lengthening device with kinetic distraction
Code also limb lengthening procedure (78.30 - 78.39)
84.54 Implantation of other internal limb lengthening device
Implantation of internal limb lengthening device, Not Otherwise Specified (NOS)
Code also limb lengthening procedure (78.30 - 78.39)
84.55 Insertion of bone void filler
Insertion of:
acrylic cement (PMMA)
bone void cement
calcium based bone void filler
polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)
that with percutaneous vertebral augmentation (81.66)
that with percutaneous vertebroplasty (81.65)
84.56 Insertion or replacement of (cement) spacer
Insertion or replacement of joint (methylmethacrylate) spacer
84.57 Removal of (cement) spacer
Removal of joint (methylmethacrylate) spacer
84.59 Insertion of other spinal devices
initial insertion of pedicle screws with spinal fusion-omit code
insertion of facet replacement device(s) (84.84)
insertion of interspinous process device(s) (84.80)
insertion of pedicle-based dynamic stabilization device(s) (84.82)
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