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84.1 Amputation of lower limb
revision of amputation stump (84.3)
84.10 Lower limb amputation, not otherwise specified
Closed flap amputation of lower limb NOS
Kineplastic amputation of lower limb NOS
Open or guillotine amputation of lower limb NOS
Revision of current traumatic amputation of lower limb NOS
84.11 Amputation of toe
Amputation through metatarsophalangeal joint
Disarticulation of toe
Metatarsal head amputation
Ray amputation of foot (disarticulation of the metatarsal head of the toe extending across the forefoot just proximal to the metatarsophalangeal crease)
ligation of supernumerary toe (86.26)
84.12 Amputation through foot
Amputation of forefoot
Amputation through middle of foot
Chopart's amputation
Midtarsal amputation
Transmetatarsal amputation (amputation of the forefoot, including all the toes)
Ray amputation of foot (84.11)
84.13 Disarticulation of ankle
84.14 Amputation of ankle through malleoli of tibia and fibula
84.15 Other amputation below knee
Amputation of leg through tibia and fibula NOS
84.16 Disarticulation of knee
Batch, Spitler, and McFaddin amputation
Mazet amputation
S.P. Roger's amputation
84.17 Amputation above knee
Amputation of leg through femur
Amputation of thigh
Conversion of below-knee amputation into above-knee amputation
Supracondylar above-knee amputation
84.18 Disarticulation of hip
84.19 Abdominopelvic amputation
Hindquarter amputation
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