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84.0 Amputation of upper limb
revision of amputation stump (84.3)
84.00 Upper limb amputation, not otherwise specified
Closed flap amputation of upper limb NOS
Kineplastic amputation of upper limb NOS
Open or guillotine amputation of upper limb NOS
Revision of current traumatic amputation of upper limb NOS
84.01 Amputation and disarticulation of finger
ligation of supernumerary finge (86.26)
84.02 Amputation and disarticulation of thumb
84.03 Amputation through hand
Amputation through carpals
84.04 Disarticulation of wrist
84.05 Amputation through forearm
Forearm amputation
84.06 Disarticulation of elbow
84.07 Amputation through humerus
Upper arm amputation
84.08 Disarticulation of shoulder
84.09 Interthoracoscapular amputation
Forequarter amputation
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