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77.5 Excision and repair of bunion and other toe deformities
77.51 Bunionectomy with soft tissue correction and osteotomy of the first metatarsal
77.52 Bunionectomy with soft tissue correction and arthrodesis
77.53 Other bunionectomy with soft tissue correction
77.54 Excision or correction of bunionette
That with osteotomy
77.56 Repair of hammer toe
Fusion of hammer toe
Phalangectomy (partial) of hammer toe
Filleting of hammer toe
77.57 Repair of claw toe
Fusion of claw toe
Phalangectomy (partial) of claw toe
Capsulotomy of claw toe
Tendon lengthening of claw toe
77.58 Other excision, fusion and repair of toes
Cockup toe repair
Overlapping toe repair
That with use of prosthetic materials
77.59 Other bunionectomy
Resection of hallux valgus joint with insertion of prosthesis
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