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74 Cesarean section and removal of fetus
Code also any synchronous:
hysterectomy (68.3-68.4, 68.6, 68.8)
myomectomy (68.29)
sterilization (66.31-66.39, 66.63)
74.0 Classical cesarean section
Transperitoneal classical cesarean section
74.1 Low cervical cesarean section
Lower uterine segment cesarean section
74.2 Extraperitoneal cesarean section
Supravesical cesarean section
74.3 Removal of extratubal ectopic pregnancy
Removal of:
ectopic abdominal pregnancy
fetus from peritoneal or extraperitoneal cavity following uterine or tubal rupture
that by salpingostomy (66.02)
that by salpingotomy (66.01)
that with synchronous salpingectomy (66.62)
74.4 Cesarean section of other specified type
Peritoneal exclusion cesarean section
Transperitoneal cesarean section NOS
Vaginal cesarean section
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