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72 Forceps, vacuum, and breech delivery
72.0 Low forceps operation
Outlet forceps operation
72.1 Low forceps operation with episiotomy
Outlet forceps operation with episiotomy
72.4 Forceps rotation of fetal head
DeLee maneuver
Key-in-lock rotation
Kielland rotation
Scanzoni's maneuver
Code also any associated forceps extraction (72.0-72.39)
72.6 Forceps application to aftercoming head
Piper forceps operation
partial breech extraction with forceps to aftercoming head (72.51)
total breech extraction with forceps to aftercoming head (72.53)
72.7 Vacuum extraction
Includes: Malström's extraction
72.8 Other specified instrumental delivery
72.9 Unspecified instrumental delivery
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