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64.9 Other operations on male genital organs
64.91 Dorsal or lateral slit of prepuce
64.92 Incision of penis
64.93 Division of penile adhesions
64.94 Fitting of external prosthesis of penis
Penile prosthesis NOS
64.95 Insertion or replacement of non-inflatable penile prosthesis
Insertion of semi-rigid rod prosthesis into shaft of penis
external penile prosthesi (64.94)
inflatable penile prosthesis (64.97)
plastic repair, penis (64.43-64.49)
that associated with:
construction (64.43)
reconstruction (64.44)
64.96 Removal of internal prosthesis of penis
Removal without replacement of non- inflatable or inflatable penile prosthesis
64.97 Insertion or replacement of inflatable penile prosthesis
Insertion of cylinders into shaft of penis and placement of pump and reservoir
external penile prosthesi (64.94)
non-inflatable penile prosthesi (64.95)
plastic repair, penis (64.43-64.49)
64.98 Other operations on penis
Corpora cavernosa-corpus spongiosum shunt
Corpora-saphenous shunt
Irrigation of corpus cavernosum
removal of foreign body:
intraluminal (98.19)
without incision (98.24)
stretching of foreskin (99.95)
64.99 Other
collection of sperm fo artificial insemination (99.96)
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