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57.8 Other repair of urinary bladder
repair of:
current obstetric laceration (75.61)
cystocele (70.50-70.51)
that for stress incontinence (59.3-59.79)
57.81 Suture of laceration of bladder
57.82 Closure of cystostomy
57.83 Repair of fistula involving bladder and intestine
Rectovesicovaginal fistulectomy
Vesicosigmoidovaginal fistulectomy
57.84 Repair of other fistula of bladder
Cervicovesical fistulectomy
Urethroperineovesical fistulectomy
Uterovesical fistulectomy
Vaginovesical fistulectomy
vesicoureterovagina fistulectomy (56.84)
57.85 Cystourethroplasty and plastic repair of bladder neck
Plication of sphincter of urinary bladder
V-Y plasty of bladder neck
57.86 Repair of bladder exstrophy
57.87 Reconstruction of urinary bladder
Anastomosis of bladder with isolated segment of ileum
Augmentation of bladder
Replacement of bladder with ileum or sigmoid [closed ileal bladder]
Code also resection of intestine (45.50-45.52)
57.88 Other anastomosis of bladder
Anastomosis of bladder to intestine NOS
Cystocolic anastomosis
formation of closed ilea bladder (57.87)
57.89 Other repair of bladder
Bladder suspension, not elsewhere classified
Cystopexy NOS
Repair of old obstetric laceration of bladder
repair of current obstetric laceration (75.61)
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