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51.9 Other operations on biliary tract
51.91 Repair of laceration of gallbladder
51.92 Closure of cholecystostomy
51.93 Closure of other biliary fistula
Cholecystogastroenteric fistulectomy
51.94 Revision of anastomosis of biliary tract
51.95 Removal of prosthetic device from bile duct
nonoperative removal (97.55)
51.96 Percutaneous extraction of common duct stones
51.98 Other percutaneous procedures on biliary tract
Percutaneous biliary endoscopy via existing T-tube or other tract for:
dilation of biliary duct stricture
removal of stone(s) except common duct stone
exploration (postoperative)
Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage
percutaneous aspiration of gallbladder (51.01)
percutaneous biopsy and/or collection of specimen by brushing or washing (51.12)
percutaneous removal of common duct stone(s) (51.96)
51.99 Other
Insertion or replacement of biliary tract prosthesis
biopsy of gallbladder (51.12-51.13)
irrigation of cholecystostomy and other biliary tube (96.41)
lysis of peritoneal adhesions (54.5)
nonoperative removal of:
cholecystostomy tube (97.54)
tube from biliary tract or liver (97.55)
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