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03.9 Other operations on spinal cord and spinal canal structures
03.90 Insertion of catheter into spinal canal for infusion of therapeutic or palliative substances
Insertion of catheter into epidural, subarachnoid, or subdural space of spine with intermittent or continuous infusion of drug (with creation of any reservoir)
Code also any implantation of infusion pump (86.06)
03.91 Injection of anesthetic into spinal canal for analgesia
that for operative anesthesia -- omit code
03.92 Injection of other agent into spinal canal
Intrathecal injection of steroid
Subarachnoid perfusion of refrigerated saline
injection of:
contrast material for myelogram (87.21)
destructive agent into spinal canal (03.8)
03.93 Implantation or replacement of spinal neurostimulator lead(s)
Code also any insertion of neurostimulator pulse generator (86.94-86.98)
03.94 Removal of spinal neurostimulator lead(s)
Code also any removal of neurostimulator pulse generator (86.05)
03.95 Spinal blood patch
03.96 Percutaneous denervation of facet
03.97 Revision of spinal thecal shunt
03.98 Removal of spinal thecal shunt
03.99 Other
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