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44.9 Other operations on stomach
44.91 Ligation of gastric varices
that by endoscopic approach (43.41)
44.92 Intraoperative manipulation of stomach
Reduction of gastric volvulus
44.93 Insertion of gastric bubble (balloon)
44.94 Removal of gastric bubble (balloon)
44.95 Laparoscopic gastric restrictive procedure
Adjustable gastric band and port insertion
laparoscopic gastroplasty (44.68)
other repair of stomach (44.69)
44.96 Laparoscopic revision of gastric restrictive procedure
Revision or replacement of:
adjustable gastric band
subcutaneous gastric port device
44.97 Laparoscopic removal of gastric restrictive device(s)
Removal of either or both:
adjustable gastric band
subcutaneous port device
nonoperative removal of gastric restrictive device(s) (97.86)
open removal of gastric restrictive device(s) (44.99)
44.98 (Laparoscopic) adjustment of size of adjustable gastric restrictive device
Infusion of saline for device tightening
Withdrawal of saline for device loosening
Code also any:
abdominal ultrasound (88.76)
abdominal wall fluoroscopy (88.09)
barium swallow (87.61)
44.99 Other
change of gastrostomy tube (97.02)
dilation of cardiac sphincter (42.92)
cooling (96.31)
freezing (96.32)
gavage (96.35)
hypothermia (96.31)
lavage (96.33)
insertion of nasogastric tube (96.07)
irrigation of gastrostomy (96.36)
irrigation of nasogastric tube (96.34)
removal of:
gastrostomy tube (97.51)
intraluminal foreign body from stomach without incision (98.03)
replacement of:
gastrostomy tube (97.02)
(naso-)gastric tube (97.01)
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