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02.9 Other operations on skull, brain, and cerebral meninges
operations on:
pineal gland (07.17, 07.51-07.59)
pituitary gland [hypophysis] (07.13-07.15, 07.61-07.79)
02.91 Lysis of cortical adhesions
02.92 Repair of brain
02.93 Implantation or replacement of intracranial neurostimulator lead(s)
Implantation, insertion, placement, or replacement of intracranial:
brain pacemaker [neuropacemaker]
depth electrodes
epidural pegs
electroencephalographic receiver
foramen ovale electrodes
intracranial electrostimulator
subdural grids
subdural strips
Code also any insertion of neurostimulator pulse generator (86.94-86.98)
02.94 Insertion or replacement of skull tongs or halo traction device
02.95 Removal of skull tongs or halo traction device
02.96 Insertion of sphenoidal electrodes
02.99 Other
chemical shock therapy (94.24)
electroshock therapy:
subconvulsive (94.26)
other (94.27)
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