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Tables, bed, E0274, E0315
Tacrolimus, oral, J7507
Tacrolimus, parenteral, J7525
Taxi, non emergency transportation, A0100
Technetium TC 99M - Labeled red blood cells, A9560
Technetium TC 99M Arcitumomab, A9568
Technetium TC 99M Bicisate, A9557
Technetium TC 99M Depreotide, A9536
Technetium TC 99M Disofenin, A9510
Technetium TC 99M Exametazine labeled autologous white blood cells, A9569
Technetium TC 99M Exametazine, A9521
Technetium TC 99M Fanolesomab, A9566
Technetium TC 99M Glucepatate, A9550
Technetium TC 99M Macroaggregated albumin, A9540
Technetium TC 99M Mebrofenin, A9537
Technetium TC 99M Mertiatide, A9562
Technetium TC 99M Oxidronate, A9561
Technetium TC 99M Pentetate, A9539, A9567
Technetium TC 99M Pertechnetate, A9512
Technetium TC 99M Pyrophosphate, A9538
Technetium TC 99M Sestamibi, A9500
Technetium TC 99M Succimer, A9551
Technetium TC 99M Sulfur colloid, A9541
Technetium TC 99M Teboroxime, A9501
Technetium TC 99M Tetrofosmin, A9502
TEEV, J0900
Telehealth transmission, T1014
Telehealth, Q3014
Temozolmide, oral, J8700
Temporomandibular joint, D0320, D0321,
Tenecteplase, J3100
Teniposide, Q2017
TENS, A4595, E0720-E0749
Tent, oxygen, E0455
Terbutaline sulfate, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7680
Terbutaline sulfate, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7681
Terbutaline sulfate, J3105
Teriparatide, J3110
Terminal devices, L6700-L6895
 aqueous, J3140
 cypionate and estradiol cypionate, J1060
 enanthate, J3120, J3130
 enanthate and estradiol valerate, J0900
 propionate, J3150
 suspension, J3140
Tetanus immune globulin, human, J1670
Tetracycline, J0120
Thallous Chloride TL 201, A9505
Theophylline, J2810
Therapeutic lightbox, A4634, E0203
 occupational, H5300
Thermometer, A4931-A4932
Thermometer, dialysis, A4910
Thiamine HCl, J3411
Thiethylperazine maleate, J3280
Thiotepa, J9340
Thoracic orthosis, L0210
Thoracic-hip-knee-ankle (THKAO), L1500-L1520
Thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis (TLSO)
 scoliosis, L1200-L1290
 spinal, L0430-L0492
Thymol turbidity, blood, P2033
Thyrotropin Alfa, J3240
Tigecycline, J3243
Tinzarparin sodium, J1655
Tip (cane, crutch, walker) replacement, A4637
Tire, wheelchair, E0999
Tirofiban, J3246
Tissue marker, A4648
Tissue of human origin, J7340, J7342, J7346, J7350
Tissue of non-human origin, J7343, J7345
TLSO, L0430-L0492, L1200-L1290
Tobramycin sulfate, J3260
Tobramycin, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7682, J7685
Toilet accessories, E0167-E0179, E0243, E0244, E0625
Tolazoline HCl, J2670
Toll, non emergency transport, A0170
Tomographic radiograph, dental, D0322
Topical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, A4575
Topotecan, J9350
Torsemide, J3265
Tracheostoma heat moisture exchange system, A7501-A7509
 care kit, A4629
 filter, A4481
 speaking valve, L8501
 supplies, A4623, A4629, A7523-A7524
 tube, A7520-A7522
Tracheotomy mask or collar, A7525-A7526
Traction device, ambulatory, E0830
Traction equipment, E0840-E0948
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS), E0720-E0749
Transducer protector, dialysis, E1575
Transfer (shoe orthosis), L3600-L3640
Transfer system with seat, E1035
Transparent film (for dressing), A6257-A6259
 ambulance, A0021-A0999, Q3019, Q3020
 corneal tissue, V2785
EKG (portable), R0076
 handicapped, A0130
 non emergency, A0080-A0210, T2001-T2005
 service, including ambulance, A0021-A0999, T2006
 taxi, non emergency, A0100
 toll, non emergency, A0170
 volunteer, non emergency, A0080, A0090
 x-ray (portable), R0070, R0075
Transtracheal oxygen catheter, A7018
Trapeze bar, E0910-E0912, E0940
 insertion, A4310-A4316
 irrigation, A4320
 surgical (see also kits), A4550
 wheelchair, E0950
Treprostinil, J3285
Triamcinolone, J3301-J3303
 acetonide, J3301
 diacetate, J3302
 hexacetonide, J3303
 inhalation solution, concentrated, J7683
 inhalation solution, unit dose, J7684
Triflupromazine HCI, J3400
Trifocal, glass or plastic, V2300-V2399
Trigeminal division block anesthesia, D9212
Trimethobenzamide HCl, J3250
Trimetrexate glucuoronate, J3305
Triptorelin pamoate, J3315
Trismus appliance, D5937
Truss, L8300-L8330
 anchoring device, A5200
 blood, A4750, A4755
 drainage extension, A4331
 gastrostomy, B4087, B4088
 irrigation, A4355
 larynectomy, A4622
 nasogastric, B4081, B4082
 oxygen, A4616
 serum clotting time, A4771
 stomach, B4083
 suction pump, each, A7002
 tire, K0091, K0093, K0095, K0097
 tracheostomy, A4622
 urinary drainage, K0280
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