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Magnesium sulphate, J3475
Maintenance contract, ESRD, A4890
Mannitol, J2150
 aerosol, K0180
 oxygen, A4620
 bra, L8000
 form, L8020
 prosthesis, L8030, L8600
 sleeve, L8010
 air pressure, E0186
 alternating pressure, E0277
 dry pressure, E0184
 gel pressure, E0196
 hospital bed, E0271, E0272
 non-powered, pressure reducing, E0373
 overlay, E0371-E0372
 powered, pressure reducing, E0277
 water pressure, E0187
Mecasermin, J2170
Mechlorethamine HCl, J9230
Medical and surgical supplies, A4206-A8999
Medroxyprogesterone acetate, J1051, J1055
Medroxyprogesterone acetate/estradiol cypionate, J1056
Melphalan HCl, J9245
Melphalan, oral, J8600
Meperidine and promethazine, J2180
Meperidine, J2175
Mepivacaine HCl, J0670
Meropenem, J2185
Mesna, J9209
Metacarpophalangeal joint, prosthetic implant, L8630, L8631
Metaproterenol sulfate, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7667, J7668
Metaproterenol sulfate, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7669, J7670
Metaraminol bitartrate, J0380
Metatarsal joint, prosthetic implant, L8641
Meter, bath conductivity, dialysis, E1550
Methacholine chloride, J7674
Methadone HCl, J1230
Methocarbamol, J2800
Methotrexate sodium, J9250, J9260
Methotrexate, oral, J8610
Methyldopate HCl, J0210
Methylene blue, A9535
 acetate, J1020-J1040
 oral, J7509
 sodium succinate, J2920, J2930
Metoclopramide HCl, J2765
Micafungin sodium, J2248
Microbiology test, P7001
Midazolam HCl, J2250
Mileage, ambulance, A0380, A0390
Milrinone lactate, J2260
Mini-bus, nonemergency transportation, A0120
Mitomycin, J9280-J9291
Mitoxantrone HCl, J9293
Modalities, with office visit, M0005-M0008
Moisture exchanger for use with invasive mechanical ventilation, A4483
Moisturizer, skin, A6250
 blood glucose, E0607
 blood pressure, A4670
 pacemaker, E0610, E0615
Monitoring feature/device, A9279
Monoclonal antibodies, J7505
Morphine sulfate, J2270, J2271
 sterile, preservative-free, J2275
Mouthpiece (for respiratory equipment), A4617
Moxifloxacin, J2280
Mucoprotein, blood, P2038
Multi-Podus type AFO, L4396
Multiaxial ankle, L5986
Multidisciplinary services, H2000-H2001, T1023-T1028
Multiple post collar, cervical, L0180-L0200
Muromonab-CD3, J7505
Mycophenolate mofetil, J7517
Mycophenolic acid, J7518
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