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Cabergoline, oral, J8515
Caffeine citrate, J0706
Calcitonin-salmon, J0630
Calcitriol, J0636
Calcium disodium edetate, J0600
Calcium gluconate, J0610
Calcium glycerophosphate and calcium lactate, J0620
Calcium lactate and calcium glycerophosphate, J0620
Calcium leucovorin, J0640
Calibrator solution, A4256
Cane, E0100, E0105
 accessory, A4636, A4637
Canister, disposable, used with suction pump, A7000
Canister, non-disposable, used with suction pump, A7001
Cannula, nasal, A4615
Capecitabine, oral, J8520, J8521
Carbon filter, A4680
Carboplatin, J9045
Cardia Event, recorder, implantable, E0616
Cardiokymography, Q0035
Cardiovascular services, M0300-M0301
Caries susceptibility test, D0425
Carmustine, J9050
Case management, T1016, T1017
Caspofungin acetate, J0637
 diagnostic, dental, D0470
 hand restoration, L6900-L6915
 materials, special, A4590
 supplies, A4580, A4590, Q4001-Q4051
 thermoplastic, L2106, L2126
Caster, front, for power wheelchair, K0099
Caster, wheelchair, E0997, E0998
Catheter, A4300-A4355
 anchoring device, A5200, A4333, A4334
 cap, disposable (dialysis), A4860
 external collection device, A4327-A4330, A4347
 implanted, A7042, A7043
 indwelling, A4338-A4346
 insertion tray, A4354
 intermittent with insertion supplies, A4353
 irrigation supplies, A4355
 male external, A4324, A4325, A4348
 oropharyngeal suction, A4628
 starter set, A4329
 trachea (suction), A4609, A4610, A4624
 transtracheal oxygen, A4608
Catheterization, specimen collection, P9612, P9615
Cefazolin sodium, J0690
Cefepime HCl, J0692
Cefotaxime sodium, J0698
Ceftazidime, J0713
Ceftizoxime sodium, J0715
Ceftriaxone sodium, J0696
Cefuroxime sodium, J0697
CellCept, K0412
Cellular therapy, M0075
Cement, ostomy, A4364
Centrifuge, A4650
Cephalin Floculation, blood, P2028
Cephalothin sodium, J1890
Cephapirin sodium, J0710
 halo, L0810-L0830
 head harness/halter, E0942
 orthosis, L0100-L0200
 traction, E0855, E0856
Cervical cap contraceptive, A4261
Cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis (CTLSO), L0700, L0710
Cetuximab, J9055
 adjustable, dialysis, E1570
 lift, E0627
 rollabout, E1031
 sitz bath, E0160-E0162
Chelation therapy, M0300
Chemical endarterectomy, M0300
Chemistry and toxicology tests, P2028-P3001
 administration, Q0083-Q0085 (hospital reporting only)
 drug, oral, not otherwise classified, J8999
 drugs (see also drug by name), J9000-J9999
Chest shell (cuirass), E0457
Chest Wall Oscillation System, E0483
 hose, replacement, A7026
 vest, replacement, A7025
Chest wrap, E0459
Chin cup, cervical, L0150
Chloramphenicol sodium succinate, J0720
Chlordiazepoxide HCl, J1990
Chloromycetin Sodium Succinate, J0720
Chloroprocaine HCl, J2400
Chloroquine HCl, J0390
Chlorothiazide sodium, J1205
Chlorpromazine HCl, J3230
Chorionic gonadotropin, J0725
Chromic phosphate P32 suspension, A9564
Chromium CR-51 sodium chromate, A9553
Cidofovir, J0740
Cilastatin sodium, imipenem, J0743
Ciprofloxacin, for intravenous infusion, J0744
Cisplatin, J9060, J9062
Cladribine, J9065
 dialysis, A4910, A4918, A4920
 external urethral, A4356
Cleanser, wound, A6260
Cleansing agent, dialysis equipment, A4790
Clofarabine, J9027
Clonidine, J0735
Clotting time tube, A4771
Clubfoot wedge, L3380
Cochlear prosthetic implant, L8614
 accessories, L8615-L8617
 batteries, L8621-L8624
 replacement, L8619
Codeine phosphate, J0745
Colchicine, J0760
Colistimethate sodium, J0770
 skin test, G0025
 urinary tract implant, L8603
 wound dressing, A6020-A6024
Collar, cervical
 multiple post, L0180-L0200
 nonadjust (foam), L0120
Coly-Mycin M, J0770
Comfort items, A9190
Commode, E0160-E0175
 chair, E0170-E0171
 lift, E0625, E0172
 pail, E0167
 seat, wheelchair, E0968
Composite dressing, A6200-A6205
Compressed gas system, E0424-E0480
Compression bandage, A4460
Compression burn garment, A6501-A6512
Compression stockings, A6530-A6549
Compressor, E0565, E0570, E0571, E0572, E0650-E0652
Conductivity meter, bath, dialysis, E1550
Congo red, blood, P2029
Contact layer, A6206-A6208
Contact lens, V2500-V2599
Continent device, A5081, A5082, A5083
Continuous glucose monitoring system
 receiver, A9278
 sensor, A9276
 transmitter, A9277
Continuous passive motion exercise device, E0936
Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, E0601
 compressor, K0269
 cervical cap, A4261
 condoms, A4267, A4268
 diaphragm, A4266
 intrauterine, copper, J7300
 intrauterine, levonorgestrel releasing, J7302
 levonorgestrel, implants and supplies, A4260
 patch, J7304
 spermicide, A4269
 vaginal ring, J7303
Contracts, maintenance, ESRD, A4890
Contrast material
 injection during MRI, A4643
 low osmolar, A4644-A4646
Corneal tissue processing, V2785
Corset, spinal orthosis, L0970-L0976
Corticorelin ovine triflutate, J0795
Corticotropin, J0800
Corvert, see Ibutilide fumarate
Cosyntropin, J0835
Cough stimulating device, E0482
Counseling for control of dental disease, D1310, D1320
Cover, wound
 alginate dressing, A6196-A6198
 foam dressing, A6209-A6214
 hydrogel dressing, A6242-A6248
 non-contact wound warming cover, and accessory, A6000, E0231, E0232
 specialty absorptive dressing, A6251-A6256
CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device, E0601
 headgear, K0185
 humidifier, A7046
 intermittent assist, E0452
Cradle, bed, E0280
Crib, E0300
Cromolyn sodium, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7631, J7632
Crowns, D2710-D2810, D2930-D2933, D4249, D6720-D6792
Crutches, E0110-E0118
 accessories, A4635-A4637, K0102
Cryoprecipitate, each unit, P9012
CTLSO, L1000-L1120, L0700, L0710
Cuirass, E0457
Culture sensitivity study, P7001
Cushion, wheelchair, E0977
Cyanocobalamin Cobalt C057, A9559
Cycler dialysis machine, E1594
Cyclophosphamide, J9070-J9092
Cyclophosphamide, lyophilized, J9093-J9097
Cyclophosphamide, oral, J8530
Cyclosporine, J7502, J7515, J7516
Cytarabine liposome, J9098
Cytarabine, J9110
Cytomegalovirus immune globulin (human), J0850
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