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951 Injury to other cranial nerve(s)
951.0 Injury to oculomotor nerve
Third cranial nerve
951.1 Injury to trochlear nerve
Fourth cranial nerve
951.2 Injury to trigeminal nerve
Fifth cranial nerve
951.3 Injury to abducens nerve
Sixth cranial nerve
951.4 Injury to facial nerve
Seventh cranial nerve
951.5 Injury to acoustic nerve
Auditory nerve
Eighth cranial nerve
Traumatic deafness NOS
951.6 Injury to accessory nerve
Eleventh cranial nerve
951.7 Injury to hypoglossal nerve
Twelfth cranial nerve
951.8 Injury to other specified cranial nerves
Glossopharyngeal [9th cranial] nerve
Olfactory [1st cranial] nerve
Pneumogastric [10th cranial] nerve
Traumatic anosmia NOS
Vagus [10th cranial] nerve
951.9 Injury to unspecified cranial nerve
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