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121 Other trematode infections
121.0 Opisthorchiasis
Infection by:
cat liver fluke
Opisthorchis (felineus) (tenuicollis) (viverrini)
121.1 Clonorchiasis
Biliary cirrhosis due to clonorchiasis
Chinese liver fluke disease
Hepatic distomiasis due to Clonorchis sinensis
Oriental liver fluke disease
121.2 Paragonimiasis
Infection by Paragonimus
Lung fluke disease (oriental)
Pulmonary distomiasis
121.3 Fascioliasis
Infection by Fasciola:
Liver flukes NOS
Sheep liver fluke infection
121.4 Fasciolopsiasis
Infection by Fasciolopsis (buski)
Intestinal distomiasis
121.5 Metagonimiasis
Infection by Metagonimus yokogawai
121.6 Heterophyiasis
Infection by:
Heterophyes heterophyes
Stellantchasmus falcatus
121.8 Other specified trematode infections
Infection by:
Dicrocoelium dendriticum
Echinostoma ilocanum
Gastrodiscoides hominis
121.9 Trematode infection, unspecified
Distomiasis NOS
Fluke disease NOS
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