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744.0 Anomalies of ear causing impairment of hearing
congenital deafness without mention of cause (380.0-389.9)
744.00 Unspecified anomaly of ear with impairment of hearing
744.01 Absence of external ear
Absence of:
auditory canal (external)
auricle (ear) (with stenosis or atresia of auditory canal)
744.02 Other anomalies of external ear with impairment of hearing
Atresia or stricture of auditory canal (external)
744.03 Anomaly of middle ear, except ossicles
Atresia or stricture of osseous meatus (ear)
744.04 Anomalies of ear ossicles
Fusion of ear ossicles
744.05 Anomalies of inner ear
Congenital anomaly of:
membranous labyrinth
organ of Corti
744.09 Other
Absence of ear, congenital
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