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717 Internal derangement of knee
degeneration of articular cartilage or meniscus of knee
rupture, old of articular cartilage or meniscus of knee
tear, old of articular cartilage or meniscus of knee
acute derangement of knee (836.0-836.6)
ankylosis (718.5)
contracture (718.4)
current injury (836.0-836.6)
deformity (736.4-736.6)
recurrent dislocation (718.3)
717.0 Old bucket handle tear of medial meniscus
Old bucket handle tear of unspecified cartilage
717.1 Derangement of anterior horn of medial meniscus
717.2 Derangement of posterior horn of medial meniscus
717.3 Other and unspecified derangement of medial meniscus
Degeneration of internal semilunar cartilage
717.5 Derangement of meniscus, not elsewhere classified
Congenital discoid meniscus
Cyst of semilunar cartilage
Derangement of semilunar cartilage NOS
717.6 Loose body in knee
Joint mice, knee
Rice bodies, knee (joint)
717.7 Chondromalacia of patella
Chondromalacia patellae
Degeneration [softening] of articular cartilage of patella
717.9 Unspecified internal derangement of knee
Derangement NOS of knee
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