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707.1 Ulcer of lower limbs, except pressure ulcer
Ulcer, chronic, of lower limb:
neurogenic of lower limb
trophic of lower limb
Code, if applicable, any causal condition first:
atherosclerosis of the extremities with ulceration (440.23)
chronic venous hypertension with ulcer (459.31)
chronic venous hypertension with ulcer and inflammation (459.33)
diabetes mellitus (249.80-249.81, 250.80-250.83)
postphlebitic syndrome with ulcer (459.11)
postphlebitic syndrome with ulcer and inflammation (459.13)
707.10 Ulcer of lower limb, unspecified
707.11 Ulcer of thigh
707.12 Ulcer of calf
707.13 Ulcer of ankle
707.14 Ulcer of heel and midfoot
Plantar surface of midfoot
707.15 Ulcer of other part of foot
707.19 Ulcer of other part of lower limb
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