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652 Malposition and malpresentation of fetus
Requires fifth digit; valid digits are in [brackets] under each code. See beginning of section 650-659 for definitions.
Code first any associated obstructed labor (660.0)
652.0 Unstable lie
652.1 Breech or other malpresentation successfully converted to cephalic presentation
Cephalic version NOS
652.2 Breech presentation without mention of version
Breech delivery (assisted) (spontaneous) NOS
Buttocks presentation
Complete breech
Frank breech
footling presentation (652.8)
incomplete breech (652.8)
652.3 Transverse or oblique presentation
Oblique lie
Transverse lie
transverse arrest of fetal head (660.3)
652.4 Face or brow presentation
Mentum presentation
652.5 High head at term
Failure of head to enter pelvic brim
652.6 Multiple gestation with malpresentation of one fetus or more
652.7 Prolapsed arm
652.8 Other specified malposition or malpresentation
Compound presentation
652.9 Unspecified malposition or malpresentation
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