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524.3 Anomalies of tooth position of fully erupted teeth
impacted or embedded teeth with abnormal position of such teeth or adjacent teeth (520.6)
524.30 Unspecified anomaly of tooth position
Diastema of teeth NOS
Displacement of teeth NOS
Transposition of teeth NOS
524.31 Crowding of teeth
524.32 Excessive spacing of teeth
524.33 Horizontal displacement of teeth
Tipped teeth
Tipping of teeth
524.34 Vertical displacement of teeth
Extruded tooth
Infraeruption of teeth
Intruded tooth
Supraeruption of teeth
524.35 Rotation of tooth/teeth
524.36 Insufficient interocclusal distance of teeth (ridge)
Lack of adequate intermaxillary vertical dimension
524.37 Excessive interocclusal distance of teeth
Excessive intermaxillary vertical dimension
Loss of occlusal vertical dimension
524.39 Other anomalies of tooth position
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