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447 Other disorders of arteries and arterioles
447.0 Arteriovenous fistula, acquired
Arteriovenous aneurysm, acquired
cerebrovascular (437.3)
coronary (414.19)
pulmonary (417.0)
surgically created arteriovenous shunt or fistula:
complication (996.1, 996.61-996.62)
status or presence (V45.11)
traumatic (900.0-904.9)
447.1 Stricture of artery
447.2 Rupture of artery
Erosion of artery
Fistula, except arteriovenous of artery
Ulcer of artery
traumatic rupture of artery (900.0-904.9)
447.3 Hyperplasia of renal artery
Fibromuscular hyperplasia of renal artery
447.4 Celiac artery compression syndrome
Celiac axis syndrome
Marable's syndrome
447.5 Necrosis of artery
447.6 Arteritis, unspecified
Aortitis NOS
Endarteritis NOS
arteritis, endarteritis:
aortic arch (446.7)
cerebral (437.4)
coronary (414.00-414.07)
deformans (440.0-440.9)
obliterans (440.0-440.9)
pulmonary (417.8)
senile (440.0-440.9)
polyarteritis NOS (446.0)
syphilitic aortitis (093.1)
447.8 Other specified disorders of arteries and arterioles
Fibromuscular hyperplasia of arteries, except renal
447.9 Unspecified disorders of arteries and arterioles
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