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366.4 Cataract associated with other disorders
366.41 Diabetic cataract
Code first diabetes (249.5, 250.5)
366.42 Tetanic cataract
Code first underlying disease as:
calcinosis (275.40)
hypoparathyroidism (252.1)
366.43 Myotonic cataract
Code first underlying disorder (359.21, 359.23)
366.44 Cataract associated with other syndromes
Code first underlying condition, as:
craniofacial dysostosis (756.0)
galactosemia (271.1)
366.45 Toxic cataract
Drug-induced cataract
Use additional E to identify drug or other toxic substance
366.46 Cataract associated with radiation and other physical influences
Use additional E to identify cause
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