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E968 Assault by other and unspecified means
E968.0 Fire
Homicidal burns NOS
burns from hot liquid (E968.3)
E968.1 Pushing from a high place
E968.2 Striking by blunt or thrown object
E968.3 Hot liquid
Homicidal burns by scalding
E968.4 Criminal neglect
Abandonment of child, infant, or other helpless person with intent to injure or kill
E968.5 Transport vehicle
Being struck by other vehicle or run down with intent to injure
Pushed in front of, thrown from, or dragged by moving vehicle with intent to injure
E968.6 Air gun
BB gun
Pellet gun
E968.7 Human bite
E968.8 Other specified means
E968.9 Unspecified means
Assassination (attempt) NOS
Homicidal (attempt):
injury NOS
wound NOS
Manslaughter (nonaccidental)
Murder (attempt) NOS
Violence, non-accidental
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