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E910 Accidental drowning and submersion
swimmers' cramp
diving accident (NOS) (resulting in injury except drowning) (E883.0)
diving with insufficient air supply (E913.2)
drowning and submersion due to:
cataclysm (E908-E909)
machinery accident (E919.0-E919.9)
transport accident (E800.0-E845.9)
effect of high and low air pressure (E902.2)
injury from striking against objects while in running water (E917.2)
E910.0 While water-skiing
Fall from water skis with submersion or drowning
accident to water-skier involving a watercraft and resulting in submersion or other injury (E830.4, E831.4)
E910.1 While engaged in other sport or recreational activity with diving equipment
Scuba diving NOS
Skin diving NOS
Underwater spear fishing NOS
E910.2 While engaged in other sport or recreational activity without diving equipment
Fishing or hunting, except from boat or with diving equipment
Ice skating
Playing in water
Swimming NOS
Voluntarily jumping from boat, not involved in accident, for swim NOS
Wading in water
jumping into water to rescue another person (E910.3)
E910.3 While swimming or diving for purposes other than recreation or sport
Marine salvage (with diving equipment)
Pearl diving (with diving equipment)
Placement of fishing nets (with diving equipment)
Rescue (attempt) of another person (with diving equipment)
Underwater construction or repairs (with diving equipment)
E910.4 In bathtub
E910.8 Other accidental drowning or submersion
Drowning in:
quenching tank
swimming pool
E910.9 Unspecified accidental drowning or submersion
Accidental fall into water NOS
Drowning NOS
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