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141 Malignant neoplasm of tongue
141.0 Base of tongue
Dorsal surface of base of tongue
Fixed part of tongue NOS
141.1 Dorsal surface of tongue
Anterior two-thirds of tongue, dorsal surface
Dorsal tongue NOS
Midline of tongue
dorsal surface of base of tongue (141.0)
141.2 Tip and lateral border of tongue
141.3 Ventral surface of tongue
Anterior two-thirds of tongue, ventral surface
Frenulum linguae
141.4 Anterior two-thirds of tongue, part unspecified
Mobile part of tongue NOS
141.5 Junctional zone
Border of tongue at junction of fixed and mobile parts at insertion of anterior tonsillar pillar
141.6 Lingual tonsil
141.8 Other sites of tongue
Malignant neoplasm of contiguous or overlapping sites of tongue whose point of origin cannot be determined
141.9 Tongue, unspecified
Tongue NOS
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