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Loa loa 125.2
Loasis 125.2
Lobe, lobar - see condition
Lobo's disease or blastomycosis 116.2
Lobomycosis 116.2
Lobotomy syndrome 310.0
Lobstein's disease (brittle bones and blue sclera) 756.51
Lobster-claw hand 755.58
Lobulation (congenital) - see also Anomaly, specified type NEC, by site
Lobule, lobular - see condition
Local, localized - see condition
Locked bowel or intestine (see also Obstruction, intestine) 560.9
Locked-in state 344.81
Locked twins 660.5
Lockjaw (see also Tetanus) 037
Locomotor ataxia (progressive) 094.0
Löfgren's syndrome (sarcoidosis) 135
Loiasis 125.2
Loneliness V62.89
Lone star fever 082.8
Long labor 662.1
Longitudinal stripes or grooves, nails 703.8
Long-term (current) drug use V58.69
Loose - see also condition
Loosening epiphysis 732.9
Looser (-Debray)-Milkman syndrome (osteomalacia with pseudofractures) 268.2
Lop ear (deformity) 744.29
Lorain's disease or syndrome (pituitary dwarfism) 253.3
Lorain-Levi syndrome (pituitary dwarfism) 253.3
Lordosis (acquired) (postural) 737.20
Lou Gehrig's disease 335.20
Louis-Bar syndrome (ataxia-telangiectasia) 334.8
Louping ill 063.1
Lousiness - see Lice
Lowe (-Terrey-MacLachlan) syndrome (oculocerebrorenal dystrophy) 270.8
Lower extremity - see condition
Lown (-Ganong)-Levine syndrome (short P-R interval, normal QRS complex, and paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia) 426.81
LSD reaction (see also Abuse, drugs, nondependent) 305.3
L-shaped kidney 753.3
Lucas-Championnière disease (fibrinous bronchitis) 466.0
Lucey-Driscoll syndrome (jaundice due to delayed conjugation) 774.30
Lues (venerea), luetic - see Syphilis
Luetscher's syndrome (dehydration) 276.51
Lumbago 724.2
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